Fun, Great Value Wines

January 20, 2014

By Meghan Malloy
Travel, Wine, and Dine

I am definitely not one to choose a wine by its label. I learned long ago that cutesy labels often hide not-so-great wine, so I rarely, almost never buy any wine without tasting it first even if I like the looks of it.

When I received some very fun-looking wine samples a few weeks ago, I was curious about what was inside the bottles with the quirky labels and names, and tasting was the only way to find out.

I was sent a bottle of Mumbo Jumbo Pinot Noir and a bottle of Lobster Reef Sauvignon Blanc, and I ended up absolutely loving both of them. While it’s nice that our wine fridge tends to be full of wines that are a little more collectible, it certainly leaves us looking for wines for everyday. These two definitely fit the bill.

The Pinot Noir is fun, flirty, and fruity. It’s light in color but really juicy and bursting with flavor. It offers burst of fruit after fruit, cherries and strawberries, without being sweet or cloying at all. Suggested pairings include duck and lamb stew, and I think it would be absolutely perfect with one of my favorite salmon recipes, this Salmon with Cherries and Zinfandel.

The Sauvignon Blanc brought forward some classic New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc flavors, that bit of grassiness and punch of grapefruit. It is nicely acidic but also has a ton of mineral notes on the finish. This wine is a delight. Suggested pairings include shellfish and goat cheese. This wine would be a perfect oyster wine.

I received these wines as samples, however all opinions are my own.