Kate Middleton Debunks Pregnancy Speculation at Wine Tasting in New Zealand

April 13, 2014

By Esther Lee and Omid Scobie

Sniff, swirl and sip! So much for Prince William’s huge hint! Kate Middleton enjoyed several glasses of local wine at an engagement at the Amisfield Vineyard in New Zealand on Sunday, April 13. The Duchess told wine-makers that she was “really enjoying being able to drink again after having baby George.”

A source close to the couple tells Us Weekly, “Kate is not pregnant. They want a bigger family in the future, but she’s not pregnant right now.”

The Duke, 31, and Duchess, 32, joined John Darby, 57, owner of Amisfield Vineyard, who gave the royal couple a tour of the premises. Standing tall in a pair of Stuart Weitzman wedges, Kate nearly toppled over when she hit a rough patch as she toured the vineyard. An onlooker told Us Weekly the Duchess conducted herself as any princess would! “She slipped and grabbed William’s arm to steady herself,” the eyewitness says.

At one point on the tour, Darby offered the Duke and Duchess a glass of 2011 Amisfield pinot noir. The wine expert, who discussed the grapes and climate with the couple, explained: “When it gets very cold we use helicopters to stop the frost over the vines by hovering above and stirring up the cold air.”

William exclaimed, “You’re joking! That’s an expensive way to do it!” The Duke added, “Wow! If you ever need a spare pilot, I’m here!

With the scenic mountains in the background and sun beaming down below, Kate swirled her glass and took a tiny sip before handing it to private security telling him to “enjoy it.”

Darby later told reporters, “The Duchess did take a little sip, but I don’t think she’s a big drinker.” He also explained, “We nearly moved on without the Duke or Duchess having a glass of our wine, but [William] was keen to try it. He said, ‘Hang on, let’s enjoy a glass of wine. We can’t pass up the opportunity.'” The couple “both picked some grapes as we were walking through the vineyard and William in particular seemed to know about red wine — I think that’s his favorite.”

So what was Kate most interested in during their vineyard trip? “I think the Duchess was more interested in the gardening,” Darby noted, “She seemed quite knowledgeable in the pruning aspect of the vines.”

She still expressed appreciation for the wine, according to multiple subjects present at the tasting. Hannah Armstrong, 28, from Mudhouse Wines, said: “Kate said she hadn’t drunk whilst pregnant with George and although she doesn’t drink much she was really enjoying the odd glass.” Armstrong added how she noted how the Duke seems to like this wine. “I said, ‘And of course, Harry!'” Armstrong recalled of their conversation. “She laughed and agreed.”

Michelle Morpeth, 36, of Wooing Tree vineyard, told reporters Kate preferred the white wine, but had a sip of red from her husband’s glass. “Kate said her husband was the wine expert and she always followed his advice, and that he was normally right.”

“We also talked about the fact 2013 was an excellent vintage,” Morpeth recalled, “and they should keep a magnum of 2013 wine to drink at George’s 21st birthday.” How did the Duchess react to this suggestion? “Kate seemed really keen on that and thought it was a nice idea.”